Shahzad Ali: Our journey is to help people with theirs

When I founded Get Licensed in 2007 it was a long way from where we are today. From starting from a bedroom in North London over the last 11 years this company has grown and grown but our guiding mission has always remained the same.

Our motto: To simplify the process of getting licensed.

I believe in simplicity and transparency and I think that a marketplace can only function properly if these things exist.

The process of finding a driving instructor currently happens in an uneven market place. Driving Instructors struggle for visibility which means that they have a few options. Reduce their prices, spend their evenings on marketing or join a large school and surrender control of their business. When a driving instructor becomes a commodity this is no longer good for the market – the battle comes down to marketing over quality. For people wanting to learn to drive this isn’t an ideal situation either. They are faced with a barrage of information which makes the decision process even more complicated.

When a marketplace becomes opaque and only price orientated we start to move away from the true concept of value.
A simple approach is always the best approach. For me, simplicity means having the correct information to make the right decision, honest reviews and simple pricing.
Simplicity means empowerment

At Get Licensed I have always strived to empower – whether that is training providers or people looking for courses or lessons. I think that this is how a marketplace should work – to facilitate both sides of the transaction.

A common misconception is that you cannot have it both ways but I have always believed that when the best training providers can focus on providing the best training and learners can make informed choices then you can have your cake and eat it – as the saying goes.
We have helped training providers grow as well as help over 300,000 people find their perfect training courses.

The Get Licensed way is:
o Simple, impartial information
o Trusted Training Partners
o Transparent and honest reviews

Shahzad Ali